About us

About Us

121 Studio is a boutique gym aiming at offering a self contained and integrated healthy and sports community.
It brings together under one umbrella everything you dream about, starting from the absolute luxury, fabulous training experience to nutrition and health and sports program plans with the help of experts.
At 121 Studio, you will have an access to private coaching, nutritional consultations, beverages and healthy foods that best suit you. If you wish to join our group-class exercises, you will definitely have one-of-a-kind experience with a thrilling and fun atmosphere. By the help of our inspiring and friendly coaches, you will exercise in an exceptional environment characterized by an immersive audio-visual element that attract all of your senses for better motivation, energy, passion and varied sports performance designated to achieve different goals. Our luxurious sports community is unique, friendly, inspiring and welcoming to everyone.

Our luxurious sports community is unique, friendly, inspiring and welcoming to everyone.

Languages can our team communicate through:
Arabic, English, French, Tagalog, Spanish, Nepali, Urdu.


Our Vision


To open up a new horizon in the world of fitness.

Our mission

We save no effort to provide the most innovative model of gym for the future generation, characterized by the absolute luxury, and the high-level professionalism. By providing the latest training programs and the most precise standards of healthy environment, we create a motivating atmosphere supported by a friendly, professional and qualified team.

We seek to provide a unique integrated system that represents a new dimension in the fitness industry.

Why 121 Studio

WHY 121

We offer a new exceptional and luxurious futuristic concept of the gym.


A qualified and trained team in the art of dealing and unified terminology.

We provide the best in-class healthy environment.

Safety is our priority in all of its dimensions.

Great focus on privacy.

Integration of services under one umbrella.

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