Why 121 Studio


Why 121 Studio

We offer a new exceptional and luxurious futuristic concept of the gym.

  • Elite and hotel-like design, form and decoration of the gym.
  • The equipment was selected from the finest and most recent products of the Technogym International Company.
  • The accessories and training aids were selected from the best international products.
  • Training techniques were selected and combined specially to form an integrated and advanced system achieving the best and fastest outcomes, smoothly and completely for various objectives.
  • Sound, changing light and color techniques were selected and combined to form an inspiring and stimulating environment for group exercises.

We provide the best in-class healthy environment.

  • Systematic sterilization of equipment.
  • Professional hygiene program and standard detergents.
  •  Periodic deep cleaning of floors.
  • Towels’ cleaning and sterilizing.
  • The refreshing aroma of the gym surrounding.
Safety is our priority in all of its
  • Examinations and measurements of members before starting any workouts.
  • All employees in the gym have practical training and valid certified first aid certificates.
  • All coaches have approved certified international training certificates.
  • All coaches participated in specialized workshops about the art of performing and teaching safe exercises professionally.
  • All distribution of machines and equipment inside the gym were subject to strict standards to ensure security and safety of members at all times.

Great focus on privacy.

  • The privacy of group exercise lessons for mixed lessons.
  • Absolute privacy of group exercise lessons for women only.
  • Absolute privacy of examinations and personal data to be updated periodically.
  • Absolute privacy for times and events designated for women only.
  • A privacy area for women at the cafeteria.

A qualified and trained team in the art of dealing and unified terminology.

  • We select the best qualified and expert employees to undergo a unified collective training to be developed in a professional way that guarantees the top levels of professionalism according to the following.
  • Service provision protocol
  • The art of dealing and communicating with members.
  • Standards of personal hygiene.
  • Descent appearance and elegant uniform.
  • Commitment and discipline.

Integration of services under one umbrella.

  • Integrity of our services means that we have collected under one umbrella all what the members need for a healthy life, starting with the following:
  • Examination, measurements and determining the objective of the training.
  • Designing the training and nutritional program appropriate to the objective and the workout plan.
  • Teaching members the best and most secure training practices to achieve the goal.
  • Periodic examination to measure progress rate.
  • Updating the measurements and developing the training program.
  • Providing guidance for members by the help of a nutritionist to have the most appropriate foods and tips that support a healthy lifestyle.

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